Family Quest: A Family Therapy Board Game


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Author: Eric Terry, Psy.D., RPT-S

Family Quest is a family therapy board game that utilizes the metaphor of a jungle environment and an expedition to illustrate the challenges involved in working together as a family.

There are three types of prompts, or questions (Family Discussion Questions, Family Trivia Questions, and Family Team-Up Questions), for players to answer during the game.The questions are designed to encourage family members to talk about themselves and how they feel about certain topics, assist other family members in getting to know the person answering the questions a little better, to facilitate disclosure about family dynamics and family roles, and to help the family learn things about each other. In addition, the Family Team-Up Questions help family members learn to work together when they try to answer questions.

Family members earn points and work together to construct the home in the center of the board by placing the puzzle pieces within the outline in the clearing on the board.Once the puzzle is put together and the home is complete, the game is finished.

Dr. Terry is also the author Peacetown: A Conflict Resolution Board Game, also available from