About Us

Here at the Creative Therapy Store you'll find a wonderful array of therapeutic games, books, toys, and intervention activities. These resources will make your work easier, more effective, and more fun-whether your work is counseling, therapy, teaching, parenting, or grand-parenting. At the Creative Therapy Store, our goal is to help you help others, particularly children.

As a division of Psychological Counseling & Therapy Products, we understand that intervention-especially with children-often requires engaging, age-appropriate therapy materials. We publish and distribute only the best of these. Our therapy games, include some of the most popular and best-selling games on the planet. For example, we proudly publish and distribute The Talking, Feeling, & Doing Game, Stop, Think, & Relax, and The Social & Emotional Competence Game. Our products are developed by helping professionals like you, are based on solid clinical experience and research. In fact, the very first game we published by Creative Therapy Store-Imagine-was created by veteran clinician Harold F. Burks, Ph.D., who was looking for a creative way to treat problems identified by his widely used assessment, the Burks' Behavior Rating Scales.

Since releasing that first Imagine game, the Creative Therapy Store has continued to bring the best ideas from clinical practice to the larger community of helping professionals. Now, as part of the Psychological Counseling & Therapy Products family CTS is able to offer an even wider selection of products. Our intervention materials- addressing anger control, feelings, social skills, autism, learning difficulties, behavior problems, family issues, and more-are used in schools, hospitals, mental health clinics, Head Start programs, and homes all over the world. Our long association with practitioners like you informs our publishing decisions and insures that we offer only games that are genuinely helpful in therapy.

Please browse our website, find the game or intervention activity that addresses your clinical needs, and then...

Get Creative!

P.S. As part of our commitment to the world we share, the Creative Therapy Store practices the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In addition to our in-house recycling program, we print our games and catalogs on recycled paper whenever possible.