My Parents Split Up: A Card Game About Parental Separation and Divorce


Product Number : W-473

My Parents Split Up
A Card Game About Parental Separation and Divorce
by Max Nass, LMHC and Marcia Nass, M.S. 

This easy-to-play card game deals with the emotions, anxieties, and concerns of children going through parental separation or divorce. It focuses on many of the problems these children are likely to encounter, allowing them to discuss their feelings in a safe, supportive context. Among the issues addressed are blame, anger, sadness, fear of abandonment, and hope for parental reconciliation.

The playing proceduresimilar to that of the popular card game Waris diverting enough to help players relax but simple enough to let them focus on the 52 questions posed on the cards. These questions stimulate discussion, offering opportunities to reassure children that they are still loved and cared for even though their parents are splitting up. For 2 to 4 players.