Express It!* (for teens)


Product Number : W-436

Express It!*
by Marjorie Mitlin, LICSW

Here is a fun, fast-moving game that encourages players to express themselves with language, pantomime, and drawing. The card format provides a safe, structured way to address the often awkward topics that kids need and want to discuss: feelings, family, friends, school, and childhood. For teen players, you can add card decks that focus on eating habits, depression and suicide, drugs and alcohol, sexuality, and adolescence.

Somewhat similar to Charades, this game is played by teams, and is therefore ideal for use with groups. A player spins the spinner, picks a card from the indicated deck, and tries to communicate its content to his or her team, using descriptive language, pantomime, or drawing. Points are awarded for successful efforts, and then the other team takes a turn at the spinner. Play can be timed to add excitement. Score sheets, sketchpads, and timer are included. For 4 to 12 players.