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  1. Between You and Me: Game
    by Cynthia M. Brody, MFT; game board and card design by Thomas Morris
    The open-ended questions featured in this game offer children a fun, nonthreatening, and indirect way to identify their values and express what's on their minds.

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  2. Between You and Me: Set of Parent Guides
    by Cynthia M. Brody, MFT
    Four brief Parent Guides: Raising Children We Can Be Proud Of; What We Need to Teach Our Children; Trust Your Gut; Discussing Drugs With Your Children; and the Darkest Secret-Talking About Sexual Abuse

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  3. Breaking the Chains of Anger
    Breaking the Chains of Anger® is an educational board game designed to teach important concepts and practical skills for controlling anger and avoiding violence.

  4. Emotes Plush Toy - Abash (Embarrassed)
    This 10-inch plush toy helps youngsters identify and express their feelings.

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  5. Feeling Good Again Guide for Parents and Therapists
    by Burt Wasserman
    This guide provides the theoretical basis for the exercises in the workbook, along with suggestions for parental involvement and rationales and uses for brief therapy interventions.

  6. Let's Talk Coloring Books
    by Jean Mundy, Ph.D.; illustrated by Sally Bell, M.A., M.S.
    Help children become more comfortable and communicative in therapy.

  7. Peace Path
    by Lisa Marie Barden
    Teach children how to deal with abuse and domestic violence in a safe and peaceful way.

  8. Pose and Play Dolls: Black Family
    This doll family is ideal for creative play.

  9. Pose and Play Dolls: Set of White, Black, and Hispanic Families
    These doll families—Black, White, and Hispanic—are ideal for creative play.

  10. Pose and Play Dolls: White Family
    This doll family is ideal for creative play.

  11. Psymon
    by Eric B. Vogel, Psy.D.
    Teach important cognitive-behavioral skills with this enchanting board game.

  12. Shadows and Deeper Shadows
    Expanded Second Edition
    by Russell Deal and Fiona Gardner; illustrated by Carolyn Marrone
    This set of 48 emotionally charged images invites people to reflect on their experiences and explore the "shadows" in their lives.

  13. Sticks and Stones
    by Marjorie Mitlin, LICSW
    This board game teaches adolescents facts about--and alternatives to--anger and violence.

  14. Treasure Chest of Group Activities
    by Susanna Palomares, Dianne Schilling, and Cathy Winch
    This box of activity sheets really is a "treasure chest" for busy counselors seeking new and engaging ways to help children and teens develop academic, social, and life skills.

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