Sticks and Stones: Teen counseling game*


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Sticks and Stones*
by Marjorie Mitlin, LICSW

It's important for teenagers to learn to express themselves in ways that are socially acceptable, no matter what kind of feelings they are experiencing. Sticks and Stones is a board game that teaches adolescents facts about—and alternatives to—anger and violence. Game cards educate players by supplying information about anger, violence, and abuse, and they also provide opportunities for players to express their feelings and explore various alternatives to violence. Players engage in a cooperative group process in which they learn new information, share thoughts and feelings, and explore strategies for coping with potentially violent situations.

Please note: Game cards address sensitive subjects such as rape, dating violence, sexual and physical abuse, drug and alcohol use, and depression. It is assumed that many players will have been exposed to the topics presented. We recommend that you review all of the cards prior to using the game and remove any that you feel are inappropriate for your particular group.

The game can be played by 2 to 8 individuals or teams.