You're Hired!


Product Number : W-656

  • Help students learn important concepts of the hiring process through their own eyes
  • Give students a detailed view of job applications and interviews
  • Prompt discussion about the hiring process
  • Effective and cost efficient game
  • Grades: 9-12

In You're Hired!, players role-play as an employer seeking new employees. They evaluate job applications and interview the job candidates. In order to win the game, players have to think critically and evaluate each candidate's strengths and limitations in relation to the demands of the job. While making these decisions, players will look for and find positive actions, as well as problems and mistakes that applicants make, both in filling out the application and during the interview. The players will then reject the applicants who have made the mistakes or who have serious limitations. During the post-game discussion, teachers should encourage students to explain why they hired or rejected the various applicants. In this way the students realize that if they, as employers, wouldn't hire someone for a certain reason, then they are likely not to be hired if they, themselves, make the same mistake!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn basic information about the selection process.
  2. Learn some commonly used terms in business and applying for a job.
  3. Develop insight into how the applications affect the chances of being asked for an interview.
  4. Develop insight into how the answers to interview questions affect the chances of being hired for a job.
  5. Develop empathy for the position of the "employer" and understand how applicant actions affect his/her decision on whom to hire.