You Decide About Handling Anger Book & Workbook

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Product Number : 1115

  • Follow David as he learns to control his temper and better handle everyday problems and frustrations
  • Teach children 12 techniques to cope with anger 
  • Ages: 7-10

In the book, written by Lawrence E. Shapiro Ph.D., David is a challenging child with a quick temper. As he goes through his day, he encounters many different problems and frustrations and must decide how to handle them and his anger. As David faces twelve different decisions, he must make one of three choices, and each choice will lead to a different outcome. David's good choices result in positive feedback from others and a better understanding of his problems, but his poor choices only cause more problems. 48-pages, spiral-bound.

The workbook, by Karen Schader, is designed to help children learn twelve techniques to deal with anger, with the support of a caring adult. These techniques are commonly used in treatment programs for children who have anger-control problems. There is no right or wrong way to use this workbook, as long as you respect the right of children to understand and cope with their problems at their own pace. 66-pages, spiral-bound.

Each activity consists of five parts:
- An explanation of the technique
- An opportunity to practice the technique
- A fill-in-the-blank story about the technique
- An activity to create positive thoughts
- An art activity that helps reinforce the technique by stimulating a child's imagination