You Decide About Coping with Loss Book & Workbook

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Product Number : 1114

  •  Follow Tyrone as he learn to overcome his anger and sadness over his father’s terminal illness
  • Teach children 12 techniques to cope with significant loss
  • Ages: 7-10

In this book, written by Greg Elkins, Tyrone's father has cancer. Tyrone's mother says that his father won't ever leave the hospital and will die soon. Tyrone is overcome with anger and sadness, and he doesn't even want to talk to his father. Tyrone learns to cope with his anger and sadness while trying to express his love for his father. As Tyrone faces twelve different decisions, he must make one of three choices, and each choice will lead to a different outcome. When someone you love is dying it is hard to know what to do, but as a reader finds out, some choices are definitely better than others. 48-pages, spiral-bound.

The workbook, by Karen Schader, is designed to help children learn twelve techniques to cope with loss, with the support of a caring adult. These techniques are commonly used in treatment programs for children who have experienced a loss that significantly affects them. Although grief may resurface at different developmental stages, a comprehensive approach to helping children through the process of grieving can make an important difference in their recovery from loss. There is no right or wrong way to use this workbook, as long as you respect the right of children to understand and cope with their problems at their own pace. 66-pages, spiral-bound.

Each activity consists of five parts:
- An explanation of the technique
- An opportunity to practice the technique
- A fill-in-the-blank story about the technique
- An activity to create positive thoughts
- An art activity that helps reinforce the technique by stimulating a child's imagination