Yes I Can! Talk About Separation & Divorce

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Product Number : 2329

  • Suitable for teachers, counselors, & therapists
  • Facilitates discussion, provides insight, and suggests coping strategies
  • Developed by a child psychologist
  • Ages 6-14
  • Players 2-4

Developed by child psychologist, Gary Yorke, Ph.D., Yes I Can! Talk About Separation & Divorce will help children process and understand their parent’s separation and divorce. Children will learn that they are not alone. They will learn how to express their feelings more effectively and have their feelings and perceptions validated. Yes I Can! Talk About Separation & Divorce can be used as a conversation starter, played as a game, or used as part of a psychoeducational program.


  • What is something you admire about each of your parents?
  • What did your family use to do together that you will miss?
  • Some children say divorce and separation are scary. Has there been anything scary about your parent's separation?

This game includes 40 feelings cards, 108 question/prompting cards (in varying degrees of difficulty), die, game chips, and instructions.