What to Do When You're Scared & Worried


Product Number : FR-49

What to Do When You're Scared & Worried
A Guide for Kids

by James J. Crist, Ph.D.

Kids have worries and fears, just like adults. And now there's a book to help them manage their anxiety. Using kid-friendly language, Dr. James Crist explains how the mind and body work together to make fears worse or better. He describes various kinds of fears and suggests 10 "Fear Chasers" and "Worry Erasers" that kids can try to feel safer, stronger, and calmer. The second part of the book focuses on phobias, separation anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other problems too big for kids to handle on their own, and explains what it's like to get counseling. Includes a special "Note to Grown-ups" and a list of resources.