What the Heck Does That Mean?! Using Pictures to Teach Idioms


Product Number : W-619

What the Heck Does That Mean?!
Using Picture Cards to Teach Idioms

Idioms can be perplexing, especially to literal thinkers, kids with ASD, and non-native speakers. Yet idioms are everywhere—so it makes sense to teach them rather than try to avoid them.

Each of these 125 Picture Cards presents an idiom, illustrates its literal meaning, and offers three choices: the true definition and two plausible but incorrect (and sometimes funny) alternatives. The other side of the card shows only the idiom and the illustration. So, depending on which side of the card you use, students can choose the correct definition or come up with it on their own. Either way, they’ll have a memorable visual association for each idiom.

These whimsical Picture Cards (along with 35 Bingo Cards, also included) can be used to play a variety of engaging idiom games. A Leader’s Guide offers instructions, ideas, and lots of fun follow-up activities. Turn to this versatile resource whenever your students ask, “What the heck does that mean?”