What Did You Say? A Game of Nonverbal Language


Product Number : TCT-7

What Did You Say?
A Game of Nonverbal Language

Why are some children labeled "weird," "odd," or "geeky"? Often it's because they have a nonverbal language disability. They have trouble reading body language—gestures, posture, personal distance, and facial expressions.

This game helps youngsters understand body language by imparting a key concept: body language is associated with feelings.

Players are each dealt five Body Language Cards, showing photos of children with different postures and expressions. As they travel around the game board, players use these cards to respond to Situation Cards (for example: "You found a bug in your sandwich. What does your body look like?").

The Situation Cards can also be used in other activities described in the instruction booklet (Body Language Stories, Feelings Charades, and Speaking Without Words), making this an extremely versatile resource.

Although all kids will enjoy it, What Did You Say? is particularly useful with children who have Asperger's Syndrome or autism.