Ungame Pocket-Sized: Kids Version


Product Number : TTA-2C

Pocket-Sized Ungame®: Kids Version
created by Rhea Zakich

Examples of Pocket Ungame “Kids” Version:
  • Frank must do chores before he can play. How do you feel about doing chores?
  • Joni whats Charlie to play a game with her. What game do you like to play?
  • Tara refuses to enter the contest because she doesn’t like to lose. Say something about losing.
  • Kevin was tempted to cheat on a test. If you have ever cheated, tell about it.

This noncompetitive game encourages people to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas as they explore a variety of topics. Players respond to cards that pose personal questions (e.g., "What are the four most important things in your life?"). A "code of silence" forces players to listen to the individual who is responding. Spaces on the board encourage players to describe how they've been affected by anger, excitement, happiness, success, affection, frustration, worry, and loneliness. Used by thousands of counselors, therapists, and teachers, this entertaining game helps families, couples, and friends spend time together, sharing their feelings and listening to one another.

Expand the usefulness of the Ungame with the pocket-sized games. They can be played in the car, on an airplane, at the beach, or anywhere. Each of the four versions contains 140 questions
completely different from those included in the original game.