There's A Growly In The Garden


Product Number : 52081

One to six players, age five to nine.

Players help each other plant as big a Flower Garden as they can, while helping the Growlies find what they need most so they don't pick and trash the Flowers instead. With some sharing of ideas and talking over of strategies, we will help change Crabby, Messy, Greedy, Stinky and Snobby into happier creatures. Sometimes we will need Scarecrows, as well as Special Items such as Fruit Soap, Cornstalk Brooms, Gold Coins, Smiley Buttons and, best of all, some delicious Humble Pie. Guess which Growly needs what item!

On each turn, a player gets two cards to play somewhere in the Garden. When and where to plant a Flower? Or put a Scarecrow? Or leave a Pie? Decisions, decisions.

Each game unfolds differently, so keep on your mental tiptoes. Lots of play value, for as many as six players. 

Includes: 12 x 12 board, 16 flowers, 5 growlies, growly lodge, 9 special items, scoresheets, handy chart, and rules for regular and hard versions. copyright 2002