The You & Me Social Skills Collection

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  • Teach children the social skills necessary for relating to friends, family, and more
  • Engage clients in a variety of fun activities 
  • Includes a board game, card game, workbook, script book, and counseling ball
  • Ages: 4-12

Teach kids the day-to-day social skills they need to successfully relate to friends, family, and people at school. This complete You Me Social Skills Collection offers you a variety of tools to help you reach kids with all different types of learning styles. Whether playing the game, engaging in the activities from the workbook, having fun with the ball, or joining in with the card games, this collection affords kids a nonthreatening way to learn critical skills.

Collection includes one each of the following:

You & Me Board Game
A cooperative board game that teaches day-to-day social skills and social awareness. Designed to help children become socially aware of the world they live in, as they build the social skills they need in everyday life: helping, sharing, being polite, cooperating, understanding different points of views, listening, following rules, acting assertively, and being a friend. Players work as a team, there are no individual winners.

You & Me Card Game
This card game is designed to simulate a standard 52-card deck - with a twist! Instead of numbered cards there are 13 different children and instead of the four traditional suits there are four social skills areas - Having Fun, Inviting a Friend, Talking, and Solving a Problem. As children play the game, they make up stories that demonstrate social awareness using the 13 different character cards. The instructions suggest four ways to play, but these entertaining cards can be used in dozens of other creative ways.

You & Me Workbook
This workbook is designed to help children learn and practice the basic social skills needed to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Children learn many practical methods of coping and thriving in social situations, methods that will benefit them throughout their lives. Each section of the book teaches children specific behavioral skills using activities, puzzles, and games. 88-pages, spiral-bound. The workbook is divided into six areas: Meeting New People, Talking to People, Understanding People, When People Hurt Us, Solving Problems with People, and Managing Conflict with People,

You & Me Script book
This script book is designed to teach children the skills they need to think about their social behavior, recognize how it affects others, and work toward changing negative patterns. It gives them a fun and educational forum in which they can enact familiar scenarios and effect positive outcomes. As they say the words and practice skills that are most effective for positive behavior change, they learn how to handle real-life situations.

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