The Totika Kohatu Game with Totika Self Esteem Cards


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  • Although it looks simple at first, the difficulty of stacking all 16 rocks, stones and gems becomes apparent and players are gradually mesmerized by the surprising height of the stack, much more mindful of their movement around the table, and tend to answer questions more thoughtfully as the stack grows taller, more precarious and excitement builds. Total weight about a pound and comes with a cotton drawstring game bag perfect for traveling.
  • Players take turns rolling the die and balancing one rock, stone or gem of the rolled color on top of the stack. Knock over the stack and lose a round. Stack the last rock and win. Use question cards every other round. Each time a player successfully stacks, they get to pick a card and ask any other player the question that's the same color as the stacked rock.
  • Totika Kohatu wood rocks are irresistible and they are going grab and hold the attention of children, teens and adults. No set up and each round is quick, 3-5 minutes without the question cards and 5-15 minutes when using question cards.
  • The Totika Self Esteem question card deck has been the most popular Totika card deck since 2003. The deck includes more than 150 open-ended questions regarding motivation, role models, setting and achieving goals, challenges and perseverance. Totika Kohatu may be played with any Totika question card deck. Totika card decks are written by mental health and special education professionals and are appropriate for clinical or casual use.