The Teen Girl's Guide to Empowerment

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  • Introductory special - $24.97
  • For ages 12 – 18
  • Addresses personal social, and educational challenges
  • Includes dozens of exercises to reinforce learning
  • Topics include personal growth, dating, relationships, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy & birth control, social issues, & social media

 The Teen Girl’s Guide to Empowerment is an interactive workbook full of meaningful scenarios, tools, and resources designed for teen girls between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age.

The Teen Girl’s Guide to Empowerment covers some of the evidence-based social, personal, and educational challenges that teenage girls face today in a straightforward and no-nonsense way.

 This workbook is meant as a tool for the teen girl and supportive adult towards empowerment, inspiration, and self-awareness. No one can predict how a situation will play out beforehand, but just knowing that certain possibilities may exist in your teen’s life is the first step towards empowerment. The exercises are designed to bring awareness and positivity while suggesting preventative measures that young women can incorporate into their daily lives. When using this book some sections may be skipped until the teen is older and more receptive to receiving some of the messaging.

About the Author

Beryl Davis was inspired to write The Teen Girl’s Guide to Empowerment by the Me Too and Times Up movements. She wishes to encourage teen girls to find and keep their voices. As a Therapeutic Program Worker Beryl has worked in the health care industry championing the independence of developmentally non-abled young adults and adults in institutional and non- institutional settings. She has written and produced several screenplays. Her most recent project was as producer on the 2018 documentary, A Tale of Two Mothers, a film about bullying and suicide. Beryl is a member of the writing group Crucritiques Rus. She resides in Ohio with her dog Solo.