The Stop, Think, and Go Bears Self Control Board Game - Revised


Product Number : 350104

  • Teach self-reflection techniques to children with impulse control 
  • Help children see the consequences of their actions
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages: 5-10

This adorable game is designed to help children with problems in impulse control, by teaching children the three basic steps of self-reflection: Stop, Think, and Go. Players win by getting their three bears to the finish line, practicing these important skills along the way. As players move their red, green and yellow pawns, they learn to see the consequences of their actions, to `brainstorm` solutions to common problems and to develop positive behavioral habits that reflect self- discipline and a concern for others.

Game Board
12 Bear Pawns

24 Stop Cards (designed to help children see the consequence of their actions.)
24 Think Cards (designed to help children "brainstorm" solutions to common problems.)
24 Go Cards (designed to help children develop positive behavioral habits that reflect self-discipline and a concern for others.)