The Self-Confidence Workbook for Teens


Product Number : 1015998

Mindfulness Skills to Help You Overcome Social Anxiety, Be Assertive, and Believe in Yourself

Gain the confidence you need to succeed—in school, with friends, and in life!

Are you afraid to try new things for fear of failure? Do you second-guess yourself or doubt your abilities? Do you hesitate to speak up in class because you may be wrong, or people might laugh at you? If so, you may have a problem with self-confidence—and you are far from alone. Many teens struggle with low confidence and self-esteem. This workbook can help.

Written by teen mental health experts, The Self-Confidence Workbook for Teens offers powerful mindfulness skills and activities to help you gain confidence in your abilities, be more assertive, and start believing in your own awesomeness! You’ll learn how to ease feelings of self-doubt, and quiet that pesky inner critic who says you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or attractive enough. Most importantly, you’ll find tools to help you cultivate an inner “ally” who always has your back in difficult, stressful, or intimidating situations.

If you’re ready to start living with confidence, this workbook will help you believe in you—so you can reach your highest goals!

Ages 13 to 19, Grades 6 to 12