The Rainbow Dragon Card Game (Self-Awareness)


Product Number : 1015567

By Martha Belknap

The Rainbow Dragon Game is designed to help kids:

  • Learn more about themselves and others 
  • Share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas 
  • Develop personal responsibilities and self-esteem 
  • Cooperate and have fun together

 This fun game promotes self-awareness through listening, questioning, and sharing in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, and honesty. Players learn to accept and honor differing points of view, a vital skill in today’s diverse world.


  1. Separate the 6 Dragon Poems and the 6 Dragon Pictures
  2. Talk about the meaning of each color and energy.
  3. Mix up the other cards and spread them out face down.
  4. Have each player choose 3 cards of different colors.
  5. Have each player in turn read one of the 3 cards out loud and respond to it.
  6. At any time, a card may be returned and replaced with another choice.

 Red Dragon: With thoughts of red inside our mind, energy and strength we find.

Green Dragon: Green can help our hearts to grow so joyful love and health can flow.

Purple Dragon: Purple helps us look inside to trust our wise and inner guide.

Yellow Dragon: Yellow helps us reach our goal with knowledge, power, and control.

Blue Dragon: Creative thinking flows with blue; stillness, peace, and beauty, too.

Orange Dragon: Orange keeps us warm and bright glowing with a friendly light.

 For 2 to 10 players ages 6 to adult.