The Discovering Your Spiritual Path Workbook


Product Number : 1343

  • Learn about the importance of spirituality to overall wellness
  • Open participants to the possibilities of spirituality
  • Topics include: Forgiveness and acceptance, Connecting with others, Spiritual living, Personal centering, and Spiritual awareness
  • All exercises are reproducible 

Spirituality is a critical component of the overall concept of wellness. Spiritual wellness has been described as a process of getting in touch with your inner self by exploring the spiritual themes in your life and thereby discovering your personal spiritual ideas and understandings. One of the goals of this workbook is to open participants to the possibilities of spirituality and its benefits and to either start them on their spiritual path or assist them in enriching their present spiritual path 

Discovering Your Spiritual Path contains five separate sections to help participants learn more about themselves and their spiritual natures. They will learn about the importance of spirituality, their ability to integrate spirituality into their everyday lives, and tools and techniques to enhance their spiritual awareness.