The Angry Monster Machine Board Game

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Product Number : 350203

  • Provides insight into the roots of the problem and introduce coping mechanisms
  • Players learn anger coping skills as they play
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages: 5-10

A Game To Teach Kids How to Express Anger. This game is designed to provide insight into both the root(s) of the problem and to introduce alternative coping mechanisms to deal with symptomatic anger. Each player learns to verbalize what makes him/her angry as the game progresses. In addition, normal conversation during the course of the game acts as a catalyst for the children to reveal the issues and conflicts that underlie their anger.

In this game, each player uses a truck to cart a Play Doh monster to the Transforming Machine. The player then selects an adaptive way to transform the angry feelings and the Play Doh monster into something positive. The object is to be the first one to capture and transform four Angry Monsters. 

Game Board 
12 Reader Transformer Cards 
12 Non-Reader Transformer Cards 
4 Trucks
4 Jars of Play Doh 
Angry Monster Maker Mold