Teen Sense


Product Number : W-369

Teen Sense
by Marjorie Mitlin, LICSW

This unique game gives adolescents a chance to consider and discuss difficult issues that crop up in their daily lives. By asking them to look at and resolve uncomfortable, embarrassing, or problematic interpersonal situations, it gives them practice working out relationships with their peers and with the adults in their lives.

As players move around the game board, they respond to tough questions about Friends, Family, Physical Changes, Drug and Alcohol Choices, and Intimacy in Relationships. In a frank and straightforward manner, Teen Sense addresses issues that adolescents (especially those in counseling or therapy) struggle with daily. Because some of the game cards present situations involving sexual activity (including homosexual behavior) and the use of drugs and alcohol, we recommend that you review all cards prior to play and remove any that may be inappropriate for your particular group of teens. Blank cards are provided so that you can create questions tailored to your own group. For 2 to 6 individuals or teams.

For Ages 13-18