Teaching Children Empathy Book


Product Number : 2210

  • Teach students the value of empathy
  • Assist students in recognizing their own and others feeling

  • Instruct students how to exhibit understanding and acceptance

  • Grades: K-6

Teaching Children Empathy by Tonia Caselman, Ph.D. Helping children develop greater empathy-related awareness and skills can help prevent negative social behaviors such as bullying, meanness, and alienation. Empathy is a fundamental social emotion because it brings a sense of emotional connection to others. It is this awareness that is not only basic to all healthy relationships, but also the root of pro-social behavior, altruism, kindness and peace. Empathy has cognitive, affective and behavioral components that can be learned and improved upon by children. Each topic-related lesson includes five inviting worksheets that can be reproduced and used repeatedly with elementary school-aged students. 132 pages. Recommended for grades K-6.


Topics include:

What is Empathy?

Knowing Your Own Feelings

Learning to Read Others Feelings


Feeling Others


Temporarily Putting Your Own Feelings Aside

Making Supportive Statements

Doing Supportive Things

Making / Keeping Friends

Conflict Resolution

Accepting Diversity

Developing Self-Respect