TAPAE Stacking Game and Totika Reciprocity Card Deck


Product Number : 2153

  • Win by being the player to stack the last block without causing the tower to crash
  • No set up time, simply roll a color and stack a block
  • Literally billions of combinations for stacking all 20 Tapae blocks to nearly three feet.
  • Test the laws of gravity, feed imagination and build creativity
  • Create artistic patterns and structures by yourself or play competitively with friends


  • Totika Reciprocity Cards: 188 open-ended questions intended to promote social-reciprocity skills and ongoing mutually supportive relationships. Roll a color, stack the block, draw a card, ask any player the question or challenge.


* Includes 20 Tapae wood blocks, game die, bag, 188 Reciprocity questions plus blank cards to write you own questions

* All cards optional use

* Ages 8 to Adult