Take Me to Your Leader*


Product Number : W-645

Take Me to Your Leader

Leadership skills are indispensable for success in any career. They are important at every level, not just for the appointed or elected leaders. Each member of an organization can contribute the maximum only if he or she can use knowledge and skills to influence the organization and help it meet its goals. In this way members help their organization as well as get recognized for their leadership contributions. 

Take Me to Your Leader is a fun way to learn eight specific leadership skills as well as to learn the principles of ethical leadership. Players not only learn these skills in the game, but also practice them while playing the game.

Task Skills focus on moving the group forward toward achieving its objectives. People Skills focus on motivating group members to give their best and work cooperatively. The increased diversity in today’s organizations makes these skills even more important. Ethical Leadership Principles focus on how to utilize the above skills in a way that is honest, respectful, legal, and fair.

There are four decks of cards. Each deck of cards includes opportunities for group members as well as official leaders to show leadership. Players earn play money for good answers. The four decks are:

In Depth Cards: These cards bring players to a higher level of understanding of the leadership skills and ethical principles.

Implementation Cards: These cards present short case studies that pose leadership problems or opportunities. Players utilize the leadership skills as theytry to deal with the issues presented in the case studies. 

Ethical Leadership Cards: These cards present descriptions of leadership behavior. Players use the Principles of Ethical Leadership to judge whether thebehaviors are ethical or unethical. Players can earn extra money for saying what unethical leaders should do instead. 

True-False Cards: These cards deal with facts and misconceptions about leadership. Also, recent years have spawned numerous theories of leadership.The True-False Cards also define the more important of these theories, such as Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership, as well ashelping the players understand different approaches, such as leadership traits, styles, and skills. 

The game box also includes several longer case studies that can be used for follow-up and reinforcement. These case studies focus on ethical leadership as well as the leadership skills. 

Grades 8 - adult. This game is appropriate for school and workplace application. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn specific leadership skills that will help them guide their group or organization toward its goals. 

2. Practice implementing the skills during the game by responding to short case studies that require leadership action. 

3. Understand that leadership is open to all members of a group or members of an organization, not just the elected or appointed leaders. 

4. Learn the principles of ethical leadership and practice implementing them using short case studies. 

5. Learn about different approaches to leadership and some of the latest theories of leadership.