Stepping Up To Bullying


Product Number : 1713

Stepping Up to Bullying, the first installment in the series, Stepping On Up, presents age-appropriate encounters with bullying in a warm-hearted skit performed by Michael Pritchard and our lovable puppet characters. Our problem-solving format sparks student discussion in guided brain-storming sessions with Michael bringing his trademark insight and caring humor to the researched-based solutions.

This program includes 4 lessons, each with two video segments plus a problem-solving leaders guide which provides detailed questions for a scripted discussion, as well as follow-up activities. It will provide solutions to school bullying and instill key social and emotional skills for elementary, middle school, and the teen years.

Lesson 1: Dealing with Bullies

This critical program outlines the key issues and strategies of a successful anti-bullying curriculum: identifying and defining bullying behaviors and providing students with practical strategies for confronting bullies safely and effectively. When our heroine Zazi is being mistreated by a former friend, her best pal Dieter helps her realize that she is a victim of bullying. Together with the wise counsel of Michael Pritchard, our pre-teen duo comes up with a comprehensive set of solutions they can use to neutralize the bully, avoid further victimization and enlist the help of other students, teachers and parents.

Lesson 2: Standing Up, Not Standing By

This essential program brings students to the key understanding that every act of bullying involves three participants: the bully, the victim and the by-stander. When Dieter does nothing to stop the persistent harassment of a younger schoolmate, Zazi helps him realize that by standing by, he is enabling the bully to continue hurting others. The social dynamics of bullying are also explored though an examination of the power inequalities of age, gender, physical size and other factors.

Lesson 3: Reaching Out to Victims

A key to bully-free schools is an inclusive school culture which does not allow bullies to prey on isolated victims. This program focuses on thoughtless and cruel social dynamics that allow students to be stigmatized, isolated and eventually preyed on. When a new kid at school is being putdown and bullied and begins to act out in class, Dieter learns to move beyond common perceptions and social barriers to reach out and befriend him. The hurtful nature of name calling and the importance of empathy are highlighted.

Lesson 4: Building Bully-Free Schools/Communities

To effectively combat bullying the entire school community must be engaged. This program explores ways to build a school-wide response to bullying and provides a range of activities for a student-centered campaign to prevent bullying and create a more positive school culture. Having been bullied herself, Zazi decides to start an anti-bullying campaign at her school. After a number of humorous, ill-fated attempts, she, Dieter and Michael come up with a fun, engaging and effective plan to make their school a bully-free community.

Awards: CINE Golden Eagle