Sometimes I Don't Like to Talk But Sometimes I Can't Keep Quiet Book

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Product Number : 367073

  • Help extremely shy children overcome their problem and learn to speak-up
  • Includes fun, full color illustrations
  • Ages: 5-10

Extreme shyness is not always seen as a serious problem, but research tells us that shy children are more likely to have difficulty in school, are more susceptible to depression, and even have more health problems than other children. Early intervention is the key to helping shy children reach the social and academic milestones that can shape their sense of self-worth.

This is an engaging story about Emmy, who is quiet as a mouse in school. In fact, the other children call her little mouse, a name that only makes her feel worse. Emmy thinks that everyone is mad at her for being so quiet, until a counselor helps her parents and teacher understand that Emmy needs gentle encouragement, not sarcasm or teasing. 58 pages.