Social Skills Comics: For Teens


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Social Skills Comics for Kids

Help kids improve their social skills with these comic books featuring typical situations faced in school. Detailed photographs prompt children to take a close look at dialog and non-verbal cues, and learn wrong and right ways to interact with others.

The Conversational Skills in School comic book covers topics including, reading body language, using humor in conversation, staying on topic, accepting compliments, asking a question, ending a conversation, and many more. A second comic book, Handling Anxiety in Schools, teaches kids important social skills they need to approach uncomfortable situations with less anxiety. Topics include reading in front of the class, dealing with a bully, making friends, coping with noise and distractions, talking to your teacher, asking for help, and many more.

Each book comes with a CD for printing individual pages.

Social Skills Comics for Teens
Real Teens Show How to Behave in Real Social Situations

by Elizabeth Bennett; forward by Barbara Cooper and Nancy Widdows

This fun-filled workbook features comics designed to teach teens how to behave appropriately in a variety of typical social situations. For each interaction, teens learn a “wrong way” and “right way” to behave. Detailed photographs prompt adolescents to take a closer look at body language and non-verbal cues, and the included activities encourage them to apply what they learn to real life.