Social Skills Comics for Kids: Making Responsible Decisions in School


Product Number : 2060

  • Presents a variety of scenarios to help students understand how to make responsible decisions
  • Detailed pictures help children observe body language and nonverbal cues
  • Ages: 7-12

In this book, children learn from 24 different scenarios, presented as comic strips, except with photos of real children instead of drawings. Each scenario illustrates a typical school situation. The first scenario depicts the action shown incorrectly and irresponsibly. Next, students answer open ended questions stressing the consequences of irresponsible behavior to help the students explore better ways to handle the scenarios. Finally, a series of photos demonstrate more appropriate ways to handle the scenario. 

Topics include: Being patient when a teacher is busy with someone else, managing time, taking turns, reacting well to disappointment, staying in your seat, and many more.