School Paces (emotions & social skills)


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  • Created by a School Psychologist, this exciting game helps children learn about emotions and improve in important areas such as, communication, social skills, confidence, and problem solving. Great for Counselors, Teachers, and School Support Staff. Parents will also benefit by playing School Paces by supporting their children's development. 

    Children will have fun playing School Paces while the interaction provides insight into their emotions and behavior. 

    Rules are flexible, and the game can be adapted to the ages of participants. 

     Game includes:

      Colorful game board

      4 colored pawns

      1 plush ball

      1 colored die and 1 number die

      150 Cards (6 themed sets). Every card has 2 questions for different age levels.

     How to play:

       Start colored pawns at matching home.

       Roll either the colored die or numbered die (depending on age).

       Pick a colored card to match space or land on space with a fun plush ball challenge!

       Move around game board, go to school, and then the winner is first one back home!

       No time for a full game? Play with just cards & colored die for an ice-breaking activity!

      Suitable for kids 5 to 12 years old

     Dimensions: 9.5" x 9.5" x 2"

       As a nice supplement to School Paces, try using "Think It Through Jr." or "Think it Through 2nd Ed." (The School Paces game board can be used with these additional purchased colored card sets)

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