Brain Bullies Bingo: A Game for Teaching Children how to Avoid Anxiety, Worry and Negative Thinking


Product Number : 5071

  • Helps children realize the most common cognitive disorders that are present in thinking
  • Addresses: Jumping to Conclusions, Blaming Others, Personalization, Not Being Fair, The Need to Always be Right
  • Playing time around 15-30 minutes
  • Suitable for ages 6+ /  2-16 players


Brain Bullies Bingo aims to look at different ways that children can think about situations and use foundational cognitive behavioral techniques to shift to more productive means of addressing these same situations. Additionally, it allows children to see when they are using thought processes that may be ineffective in the appropriate expression of their emotions. The goal then is to begin a means of discussing, disputing, and readdressing these distortions in a more productive manner for each child as well as for the children of the group as a whole.

This game can be used as a companion to the Brain Bullies Book and can be used with the Brain Bullies Card Game by the same author, or can be used independently. In this game, discussions will be broached of some of the most common distortions including; Not Being Fair, Black and White Thinking, Jumping to Conclusions, Blaming Others, Personalization, and Needing to Always Be Right.