Peace Path (deal with domestic abuse & violence)


Product Number : W-347

The Peace Path
by Lisa Marie Barden

"Mom and her boyfriend are yelling. He grabs her by her shoulders and shakes her. You think Mom will be hurt. What can you do?"

This is one of many important questions raised by The Peace Path, a board game designed for children from violent, abusive or dysfunctional families. This unique game not only teaches alternatives to violent behavior but also addresses the more immediate issue of what the child should do at the moment violence is occurring. Using game cards that focus on four different settings—home, shelter, school, and relative's house—it helps children learn to plan for their own safety, use assertiveness (rather than aggression) to solve problems, express their feelings, and raise their self-esteem.

Simple, focused, and appropriate for a wide age range, this game is an excellent resource for professionals who work with children from violent or abusive families. Can be played by a therapist and up to 6 children.

For Ages 6-14