Out of Your Mind


Product Number : W-644

Out of Your Mind
by Rhea Zakich and Nadine Lovell

This noncompetitive game encourages players to think, converse, and use their imaginations as they learn important social skills. Developed by the author of the popular Ungame, Out of Your Mind fosters empathy and teaches communication, listening, and decision-making skills.

The game consists of four unique card decks and a Feel Wheel
a conversation-starting spinner featuring 24 emotions. Each card deck presents activities that engage the imagination and inspire creativity:

  • Imagine That - Through guided imagery, these cards encourage players to visualize themselves dealing with novel situations.
  • Picture This - Endorsing the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, these cards feature 4 or 5 drawings that help players express themselves.
  • Voice a Choice - Multiple-choice questions invite players to share things about themselves.
  • Remember When - These cards ask players to recall a memory.

One of the greatest challenges in helping children is discovering what's really going on in their minds-their thoughts, feelings, fears, and desires. Out of Your Mind helps children break out of their shells and into a world of effective communication. For 2 to players or teams.