Monkey Who Couldn't Hang


Product Number : 5213

Little Monkey is missing out on all the fun! The other jungle animals are trying new things such as flying in the sky, crossing rivers and learning how to roar. But Little Monkey is afraid to try new things. Find out how Little Monkey tries something new, brave and fun, and learns to hang with the other monkeys over the big waterfall. This is part of our Life Lessons series teaching little ones about sharing, being kind, trying new things and expressing their feelings.
  • Hardcover board book.
  • Includes a ""This book belongs to"" bookplate for personalization.
  • Features tips for reading and questions for discussion with little ones.
  • Beautiful, bright, bold illustrations.
  • A board book that's a great addition to a child's library.

      Book Details

      • 9.25” x 9.25” Hardcover Board Book
      • 28 Pages
      • Recommended for ages: 3-6