Life Management Skills VII Cards

Childs Work Childs Play

Product Number : 350353

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Life Management Skills VII Book
  • Topics: Activities of Daily Living, Anxiety, Communication, Coping, Emotions, Goals, Leisure, and more
  • Includes 63 cards and 9 blank cards

These cards are designed to facilitate discussions & development of life management skills. They cover a wide variety of topics. Topics: Activities of Daily Living, Anxiety, Communication, Coping, Emotions, Goals, Leisure, Money Management, Productive/Work Activities, Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Relationships, Responsibility, Self-Esteem, Skill Development, Social Skills, Spirituality, and Time Management. For 4-14 players.

Share a time-saving or organizational hint you use regularly.
Describe the most anxiety-filled situation you have been in within the past three months.
Name a goal you have that seems overwhelming. Ask for someone in the group to give one idea to make it seem less overwhelming.