Life Management Skills II Cards

Childs Work Childs Play

Product Number : 350365

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Life Management Skills II Book
  • Topics: activities of daily living, anger management, assertion, communication, and more
  • Includes 63 cards and 9 blank cards
  • Suitable for older adolescents and adults

Life Management Skills books and cards are designed to be used in mental health settings with older adolescents and adults. These cards fill a very practical need to have materials that provide tangible reminders of information being presented and help build rapport. Thecards are designed to facilitate discussions & development of life management skills. Topics: Activities of Daily Living, Anger Management, Assertion, Communication, Verbal Communication, Coping Skills, Grief/Loss, Humor, Life Balance, Money Management, Parenting, Reminiscence, Safety, Self-Esteem, Recovery, Stress Management, Support Systems, and Time Management. Includes 63 cards plus 9 blanks in each deck.