Journey to Friendsville: A 15 Minute Counseling Game


Product Number : W-669

Journey to Friendsville

For some children, making friends is difficult and keeping them is even harder. This inviting game helps kids develop the skills they need to form healthy, lasting friendships.

Players accumulate "friend tokens" as they travel along the path to Friendsville, responding to thought-provoking game cards as they go. Passing through towns such as Fairhaven and Conversation City, they learn five crucial social skills: conversing with others; using humor appropriately; dealing with conflict; joining and participating in groups; and showing fairness and respect to others.

Because it can be played in 15-minute increments, this game is ideal for busy counselors and teachers. Kids learn one skill in each brief session and can play multiple times to master all five skills. A reproducible Skills Record Form makes it easy to keep track of skills mastered, and aFacilitator Booklet offers lesson plans and discussion questions. The game can be played by one adult and one child (15 minutes playing time) or one adult and up to five children or teams (45 to 60 minutes).