In Control: A Book of Games to Teach Self Control Skills

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Product Number : 349411

  • Teach children self control
  • Topics: Controlling Emotions, Controlling impulsiveness , Using Positive self-talk, Organizing and Planning, Concern for Others, Social Entry
  • Includes: game board book, 1 six-sided die, 1 thirty-sided die, 50 chips, 6 pawns, one minute sand timer, feelings faces cards, in control cards, I.O.U cards, and instructions
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages 7-12

Written by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. This book of six games helps children keep cool under any circumstances. The colorful game board is bound into the middle of the spiral-bound book, ready to be used for play. Teaches children such skills as listening to others, following rules, and cooperating.The six games in this book take a multi modal approach to teaching self-control skills. Each game concentrates on a specific skill, including: Controlling Emotions, Controlling Impulsiveness, Using, Positive "Self-talk", Organizing and Planning, Concern for Others, Social Entry



Game board book

1 6-sided die

1 30-sided die

50 chips

6 pawns

1 minute sand timer

Feelings Faces cards

In Control cards

I.O.U. cards