Hannah's Two Homes: Life in a "blended" family - a 5 year


Product Number : 55081

Hannah’s Two Homes is a work of fiction geared to a Pre-K to second grade level. It is a picture book that can be read to a child or, due to its simple sentence structure and vocabulary, might be read by the child who is at a beginning independent reading level. The story represents the thoughts of five-year- old Hannah, who splits her life between her Mom’s and Dad’s residences and her two sets of half brothers and half sisters. In the book, Hannah is sharing what she might be thinking if her emotions were “given a voice.” It can be the springboard from which the reader—parent, grandparent, or teacher—can begin a discussion and show their compassion for the child’s unique situation while gaining some valuable insights into their child’s perspective. It is a story of hope, coping, optimism, and ultimately, the healing power of love.