Girl Games


Product Number : YL-7

Girl Games
Five Fun Card Games for Girls That Teach Important Social Skills

by Shannon Trice Black, MEd, LPC

Five games in one box!

Girl Games includes five decks of cards that are based on traditional card games. Each deck promotes self-esteem, teaches decision-making skills, and helps prevent bullying and relational aggression among girls. Games include:

  • Queen of Mean (based on Old Maid)
  • Crazy Dates (based on Crazy Eights)
  • Peace Not War (based on War)
  • Go Talk (based on Go Fish)
  • Confidence Concentration (based on Memory)

Cards feature thought-provoking questions that help facilitate group discussions about topics that are important to adolescents. Issues covered include gossip, respect, body image, achievements, communication, safety, and many more. For 2 or more players.

Includes Instructions and 5 Decks of Cards (24 to 26 cards per deck)