From Rage to Reason, Revised


Product Number : W-650

  • Therapeutic and educational board game designed to teach players how to control anger and avoid violence
  • Game carries players through situations by looking at the spark, the emotion, the action and the result
  • Appropriate for grade 8 through adult
  • Includes complete lesson plans for group leaders and teacher

From Rage to Reason is a therapeutic and educational board game designed to teach important concepts and practical skills for controlling anger and avoiding violence. Players earn play money by giving Randy good advice on how to deal with frustrating and anger provoking situations throughout his day, both on the job and in his personal life. Randy is rejected by a friend, taken advantage of by a co-worker, and suffers through other anger provoking situations typical of older teenagers and young adults.

Players are introduced to the concept that anger can carry Randy away towards actions that will be regretted later. Three sets of skills are introduced that help Randy stay calm, make good decisions, and prepare for difficult situations. The Self Skills help Randy stay calm and prepare himself for anger provoking situations. The Thinking Skills help Randy think clearly before he acts, and the People Skills help him relate and negotiate successfully with others without the need for threats or violence.


Self Skills: Know how you feel, Stay Calm (take deep breaths, etc.), Give yourself feedback.


Thinking Skills: Prepare, Make a decision, Postpone your reaction, Think ahead about results.


People Skills: Be Assertive, Ignore, Say how you feel, Ask a good question.


Individuals with anger and aggression problems are usually anxious and defensive whenever the subject is brought up. In the game, however, participants are giving advice to Randy, a fictitious person. This "distance" puts them in a position where they can deal with and learn about these important issues without the usual defensiveness and denial. In the post-game discussion, the teacher relates the players' actions in the game to real life situations. The game is designed with lots of suspense and negotiating to make it fun and appealing for older students. Complete lesson plans are included for group leaders and teachers.

Appropriate for individuals in Grades 8 thru adult.