Focus Game


Product Number : W-634

by Franklin Rubenstein, Ph.D.

Focus is essentially a behavior modification program in a box. It offers positive reinforcement to players who accomplish tasks within a given time frame. These tasks all require concentration. Players must list things that belong in specific categories; recite things, such as the alphabet, forward and/or backward; create designs from shapes provided; and make sentences from words supplied. Each player can perform his or her tasks with or without distraction—which is provided by the other players. Distraction Cards challenge players to maintain focus while others tap their fingers, hum, or engage in other activities. A successful performance with distraction earns extra points.

Three card decks—easy, regular, and challenge—allow you to choose the appropriate level of play for your group. You can also adjust the game’s difficulty by imposing time limits or allowing use of paper and pencils. Flexible and really fun, this game is great for students with ADHD. It helps them learn to focus, handle frustration, and tune out distractions. For 2 to 5 players.