Ethics on the Job, Revised


Product Number : W-646

Ethics on the Job®

Ethics on the Job® is a board game specifically designed to help students learn important information and concepts about ethical behavior in the workplace. Players learn standards for ethical behavior and how to discriminate ethical from unethical behavior. Ethical situations covered include relations with employers, co-workers, customers, and suppliers. Playing the game demonstrates to the students that unethical behavior can hurt other employees, the company, and themselves. 

In the game, players are in the role of company presidents. They are responsible for the success of the company. Throughout the game problems are brought to them that involve the behavior of their employees. Players must decide (1) whether the fictitious employee's behavior was ethical or unethical, and (2) what punishment to give (if the behavior was unethical). The situations are designed so that they are not easy to decide. Players see that unethical employees prevent them from winning the game, and they take steps to move these employees out of their companies. 

During the post-game discussion, players are challenged to think deeply about how the game relates to their real life experiences. The game is designed to encourage players to conclude that ethical behavior makes sense both from the standpoint of job and career success, and from the standpoint of the importance of pursuing ethical behavior as a valued goal in its own right. 

Grades 8 - adult This game can be used as part of a school-to-career curriculum or to learn about ethics as part of a character education effort. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand ethical behavior vis-a-vis employers, co-workers, customers, and suppliers. 

2. Learn to distinguish ethical from unethical behavior in a variety of settings. 

3. Understand the employment contract and the responsibilities of employees. 

4. By playing the "boss", develop understanding and empathy for the position

of the company in prohibiting certain behaviors. 

5. Understand the importance of knowing company policy and how it defines certain behaviors as ethical or unethical in a company.. 

6. Understand why companies can be expected to discipline employees for certain actions. 

7. Explore the reasons for ethical behavior for its own sake.