Emotional Intelligence Game Book, You Can Make Friends


Product Number : TCT-25D

  • Help children improve their social interactions, control anger and impulses, and cope with common worries and fears
  • Includes a spinner and reproducible Game Tickets and Reward Coupons
  • Portable format
  • Great tool for home or classroom

This game book will make it easier for children to develop better social skills. They'll learn 10 essential techniques: paying a compliment, active listening, compromising, and more. The book comes with a detachable spinner that is used to select from over 300 fun and challenging questions. The game can be played in just 10 minutes, and is suitable for individual or group counseling as well as home or classroom use. The booklet is 6.5" x 6", 130-pages, and spiral-bound.

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The complete set of four Emotional Intelligence GameBooks
The Emotional Intelligence GameBooks, written by Elizabeth Bennett, Greg Elkins, Susan Pelton, PhD, and Lawrence E. Shapiro, PhD, teach a variety of skills to help children improve their social interaction, impulse and anger control, and cope with common worries and fears. Each book is equipped with a “Wheel of Questions” spinner with reproducible Game Tickets and Reward Coupons. This complete training program is full of exciting game options that provide an outlet for children to express their feelings and opportunities to rehearse these essential skills. The convenient portable format makes the Emotional Intelligence GameBooks great for use at home or in the classroom! the set includes: You Can Control Your Worries, You Can Control Your Anger, and You Can Control Your Impulses. All four books are Spiral-bound, 116 pages, 6½" × 6".