Dr. Playwell's Card Game Series, Set of Five


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Dr. Playwell's Card Game Series
A delightful new approach to building emotional, behavioral, and social skills in children!

This exciting collection of card games can be used in a variety of therapeutic settings to help children deal with emotional challenges. Kids engage in fun, interactive scenarios while developing skills to support happy and healthy social interactions. Suitable for ages 6 - 12.

Communicating Feelings encourages children to talk about their feelings, use facial expressions and body language, and identify 13 feelings in themselves and others.

Coping With Stress teaches well-researched stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation, visualization, self-talk and more.

Positive Thinking introduces critical positive thinking skills, including recognizing self-defeating statements and changing negative thoughts to positive ones. 

Caring About Others rewards children for expressing empathy for others and helps them understand the value of caring. 

Controlling Your Anger teaches kids how to identify what makes them angry, how to compromise, how to talk before they act, and how to self-monitor their emotions.

2 to 4 players, ages 6 to 12 

Each card game includes 52 Game Cards, 12 Activity Cards, Die, Stickers, and Instructions. Game box measures 6½" × 5".