Dillon and His Exceptional Friends Set of 8 Books

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  • Teach children to appreciate and accept diversity
  • Help children feel comfortable and freely interact with others who are unlike themselves

  • Kid-friendly language helps children understand

  • Ages: 4-8

Dillon and His Exceptional Friends is a book series featuring animals with various conditions aimed at educating young children. The stories explain medical conditions in kid-friendly language in hopes of demystifying perceived differences to readers so they can comfortably and freely interact with others who are unlike themselves without fearing the unknown. Educating children early in life will help them appreciate diversity and acceptance.

Set includes one each of the following titles: 

  • Dillon the Dolphin: Educating Children about Cerebral Palsy
  • Ella the Elephant: Educating Children about Asthma
  • Tommy the Turtle: Educating Children about Anxiety
  • Shelly the Seagull: Educating Children about Depression
  • Stacy the Shark: Educating Children about Autism
  • Danielle the Duck: Educating Children about OCD
  • Sammy the Seal: Educating Children about ADHD
  • Willow the Walrus: Educating Children about Down Syndrome