Product Number : W-657

  • Fun game format teaches kids how to stay safe in cyberspace
  • Wide variety of topics: pro-social internet behavior, viruses, scams, predators, bullying
  • Can be played 1 on 1, and in a small group
  • Suitable for ages 8 to 13, and high interest material for older, less sophisticated students

This educational board game teaches young people how to navigate the internet, including wireless devices such as cell phones and tablets. Major topics covered include internet predators, internet bullying, scams, viruses, and the practice of pro-social internet behavior. The game can also can be used as high-interest material for older students who are less savvy than their peers about the internet and its dangers.

The game board represents cyberspace. There are various icons representing search, spam, messaging, cell phones, and others. Players begin at "Log in" and travel around cyberspace answering questions, winning play money for correct answers, and if they are  lucky, winning extra money with the Online Lottery.

Suitable for 2-6 players, Ages 8 to 13