Bounce Back Move Forward Workbook


Product Number : 72009

A reproducible activity workbook of strategies to develop resiliency and optimism

This ready-to-use workbook contains five separate chapters of activity-based handouts that will help participants learn more about themselves while overcoming traumatic stress, enhancing resilience and building hope.
Some examples of activities are:
  • Master the art of motivation: Focus on intrinsic motivation; Components of motivation; Internal vs. external motivation; Overcoming fear of failing; Get support for your goals
  • Set hope goals: Goals: big and small; Law of attraction; Action planning; ‘Get started’ manga; Brainstorming goal-setting process
  • Create resilient relationships: Types of resilient relationships; Haiku your relationships; Use your relationships to pivot; Gratitude to strengthen relationships; Practice empathy
  • Take control of your life: Be proactive; Widen your thinking; Use the power of visualization; Alphabetize your options; Give your brain oxygen
  • Harness your strengths: Stay resilient with Radical Acceptance; My strengths box; In asking for help we become strong; Forward-thinking; The power of persistence
All educational and health professionals who work with teens will find these age-appropriate materials invaluable at a time when teens need to bounce back from the impact of life issues causing change, worries, stress and anxiety and move forward.

Ages 11+  130 pages,